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About Me,

Newport Wedding Photographer
Providence Wedding photographer

Hey there! I'm glad you found your way to my site. My name is Ben Salafia (Ben Luck is my stage name) and I am a wedding and event photographer. Here you will find a few photos that I feel represent me. 

Some quick facts about me: 

- I live in Connecticut but I call New England home

- I breath for snowboarding and soccer 

- I might secretly be the grooviest dancer at your wedding 

- I treat my friends as my family 

I'd like my photos to reflect the authenticity and raw emotions that help us all to find each other, remind us to be silly, to be sad, and not to apologize for all our beautifully imperfect moments. That being said, I do ask questions, I do make suggestions, I do anticipate. When and where the light is right, I will encourage you to let me pull you aside to create some really elegant cinematic photos. 


I always joke that wedding photographers are the Sherpas of a wedding day (along with the wedding planners of course). Weddings are planned meticulously for months on end with many moving parts, it can be extremely stressful, I get it! I am here to guide you along whatever the the day has in store so you can stay focused on being you and celebrating the love you have created. If plans change, as plans seemingly always do, we will take them with grace.  

My ultimate goal is to be a friend you can feel comfortable being your true self around. By the end of your special day I hope that you're asking "should we invite him to our cookout?" 

Massachusetts Wedding Photographer
New Hampshire Wedding photographer
Providence Wedding Photographer


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